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Impact Membership

Take your


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With your She Goes High Impact Membership, you can enjoy the following benefits and perks:



Members-only workshops


These FREE monthly workshops for Impact Members only will prompt you to dive deeper, flex your creative muscles, and get to know yourself more intimately, for massive benefit to both your professional and your personal life! Fun, friendship, and awesome activities await!

Peer-supported Mastermind Groups


Your Impact Membership includes the opportunity to participate in our exclusive She Goes High Mastermind groups at no additional cost. That’s right, the She Goes High Mastermind is included in the price of your membership! This is the perfect place to bounce ideas, get feedback, practice presentations or pitches, receive support, and connect with amazing entrepreneurial women on a more personal level! Wanting to grow your leadership skills? You’ll also have the opportunity to facilitate a group!

Access to our private Facebook group


This is a great place to get member support, share knowledge, take part in fun challenges and online events, and promote your business and events on a weekly thread for higher visibility.

Member discounts on the She Goes High Retreat and She Goes High Summit


Our retreats and summits are full of information, self-exploration, and connection! As an Impact Member, you can enjoy 10% off the ticket price for these events.

Member Spotlight features on our social media channels


We love to give shout-outs to our Impact Members! Once you join, you can submit your information to be featured in our Member Spotlights on Instagram and Facebook! This is a great way to increase your visibility and broaden your audience!

Who Is Impact Membership For?

She Goes High Impact Membership is for women leaders like you! You’ll get incredible value out of our Impact Membership if you:

  • Value building relationships over blindly handing out business cards!

  • Enjoy connecting with and gaining inspiration from other women in your community!

  • Are you ready to take your work – and life – to the next level!


She Goes High Impact Membership was created just for you!


How Does Impact Membership Work?


We've made it easy and accessible! An annual membership is just



We're so happy to be able to bring this membership to you at such an incredible value! Memberships automatically renew year-to-year so you stay connected to this powerful community of women. 

When does my membership cycle begin?

Your membership cycle will begin as soon as your first payment is made and will last for a period of 12 months, with automatic renewals so you never have to worry about missing out on the perks of membership! No matter what time of year you join, you'll have access to a full year of Impact Member benefits!

Impact Membership FAQs:


What's the deal with the Mastermind Groups? What's the benefit of joining one?

She Goes High Mastermind Groups consist of a small group of 6-8 participants so each member gets time to give and receive support every week! Mastermind support members to see a business goal through to completion! Each group meets for 90 minutes per week for a six-week period. During the meetings, you'll have the opportunity to share what you're working on and request whatever it is that you need: input, advice, exposure, connections, or plain old accountability. Because the groups are so small, it's easy to go deep and build incredible support systems in the process!

Most small, focused masterminds are expensive - really expensive. If you're looking for value in your She Goes High Impact Membership, this is where it's at: one whole year of Impact Membership costs less than most short-term mastermind groups on the market today. And, since we offer these groups on a rotating basis throughout the year, most of our members are able to attend them almost year-round!

Other group masterminds are offered monthly with a "hot seat" focus, which means not everyone gets to receive support, the attendees change month-to-month, and it can be challenging to stay motivated on a goal between monthly sessions.

The She Goes High Mastermind offers a lot more support and value to our members! You stay with the same small group, every week for 6 weeks, focused on one overall goal. This focus and consistency will help you achieve your biggest, boldest goals, one Mastermind session at a time!


We are so pleased to be able to offer this service as a peer-supported system in order to keep it affordable to all our Impact Members! The She Goes High Mastermind Groups are included in the price of your membership, and you will pay nothing extra to attend.


How are the Impact Member workshops different than the free twice-monthly meetings?

The Impact Member workshops are like the free meetings - on steroids! They last up to three hours long and offer more of a deep dive into a specific topic, resulting in a coaching-meets-collaboration vibe. We've covered a broad variety of topics in our workshops, including:

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Radical journaling

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • Understanding and practicing energy work

  • Creating vision boards

  • Learning exercises for core strength and pelvic floor health

  • Self-care coaching

  • ...and more!

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