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Join us for the

2022 She Goes High Summit: Be Your Own CEO

by Chrysta Bairre

Scholarships sponsored by Complete Professional Development

Friday, November 4th

9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Colorado Feed & Grain

Be the CEO of your life! Join us to clarify the vision, mission, direction, and overall strategy for the life you desire.

About this event...

How are you showing up for yourself in your work and life? Many of us get caught up in to-dos, putting out fires, and handling what's in front of us, while not always taking time to step back and look objectively at how our work and life is going. In business, the CEO is responsible for the overall success of the business, including the vision, mission, direction, and overall strategy. Could you use some big picture overview of your plans for success?

At this "working" summit, you'll learn how to be your own CEO through

  • developing strategic objectives (Setting goals) and implementing your plans for success (How you will be successful!)

  • tracking your success (How you will know when you're on track, and when you need to course correct!)

  • establishing your life and business values and culture (Making sure you're focusing on the things that are important to you!)

It's not always easy to take up your space in the world, especially as you strive to build a life and work you love. She Goes High invites you to be unapologetically you, in all your beautiful brilliance! We know you are out there doing amazing things in this world, even when it feels like you've got so far left to go, or when you have one of those days and you cried in your car earlier.

We see you. We see you shining and we want to witness and celebrate you! Not because you've got it all figured out or did it perfectly, but because you showed up with courage, strength, and heart. Confidence starts by showing up! And our community of introverts (and extroverted introvert-collectors) is ready to welcome you!

Join us for the 4th Annual She Goes High Summit! The She Goes High Summit is an all-inclusive full day event for women like you, if you believe:

  • You're ready to step more fully into your potential. The world is ready for you to play a bigger game and you're ready, too (even if you're also a little nervous!)

  • You are going to lead change in the world and you need the support of other women to be the leader you're meant to be (especially if you're a little nervous!)

  • You want engaging, interactive, and relevant training as you grow into your inspirational leadership because you've got some big dreams and plans!

If you are tired of the same-old extroverted networking-focused conferences, this will be an expansive experience for introverts like you to get inspiration, hands-on training, and introvert-friendly community all in one place. (Extroverts are welcome, too, though we do things a little differently to be make introverts comfortable at our events!)

Supported by courageous and authentic women from the She Goes High community you’ll learn, grow, and experience breakthroughs that support you in moving forward with intention!

Our event will be lead by our founder and CEO, Chrysta Bairre, a career coach, speaker, and author of Beautiful Badass: How To Believe In Yourself Against The Odds. Chrysta's work helps women earn more while working less so they banish burnout, enjoy financial stability, and make a difference doing work they love without overworking and overgiving.

We'll also have a special session with guest presenter, Jess Erickson! Jess offers a unique blend of mindset, embodiment and somatic healing and integration to help her clients to heal and to thrive in work and life. She is also a speaker, instructor, and leader of women's circles. Her main purpose is to uplift woman by empowering them to shine as their authentic self.

Attendance is limited- get your ticket today!

Still undecided?

The She Goes High Summit is perfect for:

  • Smart, creative women who want to positively impact the world!

  • Women who want to earn a good living making a difference in the world!

  • Women who are ready to act on a big goal they've dreamed of for some time!

  • Introverts who avoid most networking events and long for authentic connection!

  • Women who are tired of "free" or low-cost events with high-pressure, big-ticket upsells or other forms of being "sold to" all day.

This event is NOT for:

  • Anyone showing up to collect as many business cards as possible.

  • Network marketers who are looking to grow their contact list.

  • Someone who wants to remain comfortably uncomfortable and maintain the status quo.

  • Anyone who is satisfied attending "bargain brand" events- lower quality and less actionable.

She Goes High is a community of women introverts in Northern Colorado. We help women leaders embrace confidence and dispel doubts, in a positive, authentic, and welcoming community.

At She Goes High you can ditch the elevator pitch- we want to know who you are, not just what you do. We support each other to grow personally and professionally through high quality events like the She Goes High Summit!

How is the She Goes High Summit different?

  • Engaging, interactive presenters vs. "experts" who talk at you, delivering content that isn't specifically designed for you.

  • Actionable sessions vs. "sit and get" style topics where you walk away with tons of notes and never get around to implementing them.

  • Connection vs. "networking" where you walk away with handfuls of business cards for people you can hardly remember. Or, worse yet, you get cold pitched after the event by a bunch of people you just met.

  • Introvert-friendly community vs. open networking and socializing.

Join us November 4th for a women's event that will uplevel you and your business! This is your invitation to step fully into being your own CEO.

Lunch is included in your ticket price, and this full-day event will support you as you step into your inspirational leadership!

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